Chief Financial Officer-Ottawa

发表时间:2023-05-13 13:03


1. Formulate thecompany's financial objectives, policies, and operational procedures.

2. According to thecompany's development strategy, organize financial planning and participationthe company's major financial issues.

3. Organize costaccounting for each department, propose cost control indicators and standards.

4. Formulate thecompany's capital operation plan, supervise fund management, budget and finalaccounts; raise funds, rationally and comprehensively arrange the use of fundsto ensure the capital needs of the company's strategic development; Costcalculation for the financing methods required for the company's investmentactivities and provide the most economic financing.

5. Financialanalysis decision: solvency analysis, operational capability analysis,profitability analysis, company payment ability analysis, enterprise sustainabledevelopment capability analysis, analysis of the operation of the internalcontrol system of the enterprise.

Job requirements

1. Bachelor degree orabove in finance major,proficiency in spoken and written English.

2. More than 5 years ofexperience in financialmanagement of large and medium-sized group companies, rich experience infinancial management, investment management, and fundraising management, jobapplicants should be well-known in capital operation, tax planning, costcontrol, etc., and have strong capital operation capability and financial riskprevention capability.

3. Experience infinancial team management; strong learning ability, able to quickly learn to understand business;strategic thinking.

4. Responsible, work hard, be positive,able to withstand work stress.

Working Location:Ottawa        Working hours:10:00-17:00(Monday-Friday)      HourlyWage:$42

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